It is our typical practice at Risen Life Church to preach through books or the Bible or topics through a sermon series, but from time to time, we have single sermons or "one-offs" from our preaching team or a guest preacher.  This archive is where some of these sermons may be found.

Easter 2017: 
04/16/2017, Pastor Kevin Lund


04/09/2017, Pastor Kevin Lund and Pastor Robert Marshall


Christmas Eve 2015: 
12/24/2015, Pastor Kevin Lund


Christmas Sermon 2015: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
12/20/2015, Pastor Robert Marshall


Streams in the Wasteland - Isaiah 43:16-21
09/06/2015, Pastor Robert Marshall


Easter Sunday 2015
04/05/2015, Pastor Robert Marshall


Good Friday Service
04/03/2015, Pastor Kevin Lund 


Trust God
12.28.2014, Pastor Jared Jenkins. Isaiah 12. 


Christmas Eve
12.24.2014, Pastor Kevin Lund


Easter Sunday
04.20.2014, Pastor Kevin Lund


Good Friday
04.18.2014, Pastor Robert Marshall


1 Resolution to Keep Deuteronomy 6:4-9
12.29.2013, Pastor Jared Jenkins


Christmas Eve


God With Us, John 1:14
12.15.2013, Pastor Robert Marshall


Celebrating the birth of our savior Philippians 2:5-11
12.22.2013, Pastor Kevin Lund


How He Loves - Romans 5:8
9.1.2013, Pastor Kevin Lund


Easter Sunday 2013
03.31.2013, Pastor Kevin Lund


Good Friday
03.29.2013, Pastor Robert Marshall


Pursue the Prize
12.30.2012, Pastor Jared Jenkins


9.2.2012, Pastor Robert Marshall


Idolatry and Worship
1.1.2012, Pastor Adam Madden


God Loves Me
1.2.2011, Pastor Rodger Russell


Good News for All
12.19.2010, Pastor Robert Marshall


Live as if Tomorrow is the 2nd Coming
1.3.2010, Pastor Rodger Russell


God's Faithfulness
12.27.2009, Pastor Kevin Lund


Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
12.20.2009, Pastor Robert Marshall


The Gracious King
12.13.2009, Pastor Kevin Lund