Sunday Check-in

Sunday Morning - Getting Your Children Checked In

Your children are very important to us. Risen Life Church uses a check-in procedure to ensure the safety, well being, and accountability of your children. This is also to make sure that each child goes home with the appropriate adult.

When you arrive at Risen Life, you will be greeted at the Children’s Check-in area by a volunteer.

If this is your first time, notify the volunteer there. We will need a parent or guardian’s email and phone number. Then the names and age/grade of each of your children to make sure they are sent to the appropriate classroom.

If your child has been in our children’s ministry before, then checking in will be much more simple. Use the Planning Center Church Center app (Android/Apple) to check your kids in on your phone. Then scan the QR code generated by that app when you get to the church at on one of the computers to get your stickers.

Once you have stickers for each of your children, place the sticker on each child. There will be one sticker left over that the adult picking up the children must have with them to pick up the children. The code on that sticker will be used to match the codes on your children to make sure your children go home with the appropriate adult.

Photo of Children's Check-in area